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 We believe that professors need better tools and content in order to adequately prepare students for the real world. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the professional work environment and higher education through experiential learning. We empower professors of undergraduate and graduate-level classes with the tools to challenge students to confront real issues and assess real opportunities using information from executives of real companies. Education should reward creativity while being fun, relevant, practical, interactive, and up-to-date. RTC allows students to incorporate their own personal experiences, critical thinking skills, unique creative potential, and research capabilities into their assignments like never before. 

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RTC develops multimedia cases with professors in mind. Our material is built by company executives so that professors can best simulate what it’s like to receive an assignment from top-level management in the professional work environment. Integration is easy and seamless. Manuals and tools are available and robust. And help is always a call or click away.

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Our material is interesting, fun, and relevant to the current professional work environment. Our content forces students to develop critical career-related skills. Additionally, RTC connects students to the great companies they’re working on in the classroom for job and internship-related purposes. The classroom and the workplace have never been so extensively connected.

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Partner Companies

RTC focuses on feedback, exposure, hiring, and networking for companies. It’s time for companies to refine their hiring practices and get access to the valuable information developed in the classroom. RTC has created the new way to connect fascinating startup, high-growth, mature, and public companies in a wide range of industries to top-notch students in the US.

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Web Platform

Real Time Cases is in the process of developing their advanced tech-platform that will host all of our materials as well as the critical interactions between university PROFESSORS, their STUDENTS, and our PARTNER COMPANIES.

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