Real Companies, Real Cases in Real Time



RTC is a discovery-based learning platform that uses interactive media to place students in the position of a real life CEO facing challenging and varied issues to their business. All data, information, and people in our case studies are provided by the CEOs and executives running the company, so we can ensure Professors & Students are solving real business problems alongside top business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Real Time Cases gives professors the tools they need to create an engaging, authentic classroom experience that will hold direct relevance for students in their future careers. 

Integrating multimedia, technology, communication, and teaching tools, Real Time Cases has created the easiest way for professors to elevate their teaching and make students eager to contribute.

Our teaching manual is designed to make the integration of Real Time Materials into the classroom simple, and our team is always available to provide additional, comprehensive support. 



The classroom and the marketplace are closer than ever. Real Time Cases provides students with the opportunity to impact startup, high-growth, and mature companies from around the globe by addressing their real issues.

Connecting students with exclusive information from CEOs, RTC allows students to incorporate their own experiences, critical thinking skills, unique creative potential, and research capabilities into assignments from top-level management.

Our materials are designed to realistically simulate the professional world and prepare students for life after college with crucial experience. 



The next development in business pedagogy can have real value for your business. Real Time Cases provides a unique opportunity for businesses to partner with college students who are tasked with solving real issues, while exposing the business to future professionals.

With information about the business and its challenges from top-level executives, Real Time Cases creates professional-quality reports that present the complex, unique situations of each business.

Our materials are designed to introduce executive management teams, train students on your business, and provide a base for students to engage in independent research and provide valuable solutions.  


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