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What’s a Real Time Case?

These are example case prompts (assignments from top-level management).

Business Ethics

RedPeg Marketing Brad

Experiential Marketing CEO

Clientele Opportunity Assessment Stephanie

Online Broadcast Media CMO

Sports Market Assessment

Capital Sports Ventures Greg

Sports Ventures CEO

What comes with a full case?
Check out our Case Methodology for more info.

The Real Deal


Don't just take our word for it!

  • "The materials were extremely well-constructed: the cases were well-written and well-constructed, with the right amount and type of information. The teaching packets were especially helpful to me, by highlighting the issues and identifying ways to keep the discussion moving.”

    Alyssa Lovegrove - Associate Director, Georgetown University, Entrepreneurship

  • "I think RTC is bringing a fresh approach to case studies, and the way cases can be used in the classroom. Each case can be adapted to different classroom settings, and the cases are very ‘actual', and ‘real.’"

    Serge P. da Motta Veiga - Assistant Professor, American University, Management

  • "Real Time Cases is an exceptional student engagement platform, which I have used in my classes. The novel format of text material interspersed with video commentary and specific, content-rich questions from the RTC team is a highly effective pedagogy. I have found the platform to be uniquely effective in generating and maintaining student interest in my classes."

    James Maskulka - Associate Professor, Lehigh University, Marketing

  • "I was an undergraduate Earth and Environmental Science major at Lehigh University. Until I worked on a Real Time Case, I did not even consider a position outside of my field or realize my true potential in a business setting. Real Time Cases exposed me to a high-growth SaaS company through their case model, which ultimately landed me a full time position as an account executive."

    Brian Grelis - Lehigh University ‘14, Earth & Environmental Science Major

  • "Real Time Cases made the transition from student to a young business professional much easier than I ever anticipated. The material gave me much more insight into real company activities, which helped me understand my role in the business world much better.”

    Natalie Sachmechi - Pace University ’17, Economics Major

  • "I really like the presentation of the RTC materials. The videos were a great addition to the written cases and the written materials provided the necessary additional information.”

    Ari Peña - Georgetown University ‘15, Management & Finance Major

  • “I think it’s actually fun to work on things that are applicable. It’s really cool that the case companies will actually take our ideas into consideration.”

    Ross Karetsky - Lehigh University ‘18, Finance Major

  • “This is such a great way to make students feel as though they’re working on assignments that actually mean something. It’s not just for class anymore, which is great.”

    Ali Cohen - Lehigh University ‘17, Marketing & Supply Chain Management Major

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